Cobra SL3 Helps You Avoid Speed Cameras


By Chris Scott Barr

Radar detectors are nothing new. Sure, they’ve gotten their fair share of upgrades to keep up with the latest police equipment, but how effective are they against speed and red-light cameras? I don’t know of any that are able to warn you of either device, which might land you a ticket in the mail. Thankfully, Cobra has a trick up their sleeve.

The new Cobra SL3 has built-in GPS functionality so that it can tell you when you are approaching an area that has either red-light cameras or speed cameras. It has a series of LEDs and warning tones that will let you know when you are getting close. It updates itself every 12 hours so that it has the latest information on new cameras that have been installed. For $100, it will pay for itself by preventing just one ticket.

[ Cobra ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Update: I’ve removed the link to Cobra’s site, as it appears to currently be infected.

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  1. Same with chrome.

    “The website at appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that hosts malware can infect your computer.”

  2. That's strange, as it wasn't doing that this morning when I posted the article. Thanks for the heads-up guys, I've gone ahead and removed the link for now.

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