Clothing With Built-In Tourniquets May Save The Lives Of Many Soldiers


By Luke Anderson

I’ve never been a military guy, though several of my family members have served their time in the line of fire. Apparently one of the biggest causes for death on the battlefield comes from blood loss occurring from an injury. Tourniquets are a huge help in this department, but they aren’t always readily available, and if the soldier is alone, it can be difficult to administer depending on the injury. However, these new Tourniquet Pants could save countless lives with their unique way of storing them.

These pants, along with the matching top each feature four separate tourniquets which are strategically located to maximize their potential. The tourniquets can be constricted immediately with only the use of a single hand. The pants aren’t cheap, coming in at around $200, but in the line of duty, money really doesn’t much matter.

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