Clocky Alarm Design Finalized & Available For Sale

nanda Clocky Alarm (Image courtesy nanda llc.)By Andrew Liszewski

When the Clocky was first revealed it had a lot more in common with a furry rodent than the sleek plastic design of the final version does. Thankfully it managed to shed its fur coat in favor of a more shiny iPod-esque finish and after 11 months or so it’s finally available for sale.

For those unfamiliar with the Clocky it’s basically an alarm clock with a pair of rubber tires on each end. Of course instead of just beeping when it’s time to wake up the Clocky will actually race off your nightstand and scurry around the room in random directions while blaring its alarm basically forcing you to climb out of bed to silence it. In order to roam around freely the Clocky couldn’t be tethered to a power cord so instead it uses 4 AAA batteries which will apparently keep it performing its annoying duties for about 6-8 months.

The Clocky is currently available for order on the nanda website for $49.99 and comes in white, aqua (greenish) or mint (differently greenish) colors. And if for some reason you really miss Clocky’s fur coat the company plans to eventually release various fabric and fur coverings for it.

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  1. I’m absolutely in love with Clocky. :] I ordered one for my boyfriend’s birthday, we use it more as entertainment than to wake us up. 😀

    It’s the cutest, most annoying thing you’ve ever seen.

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