ClimbStation Portable & Intelligent Climbing Wall

ClimbStation (Image courtesy ClimbStation)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’d like to confidently say there will never be a mountain climbing game or accessory for the Nintendo Wii, but given how much other crap has come out for the system, I’m just not sure. But until that day comes, mountain climbing enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite pastime from the comfort of their own backyard with the ClimbStation. (Assuming there isn’t already a mountain in their backyard.)

It’s technically portable, though it requires a car with a trailer hitch to move it around, but once it’s set up it provides a 150cm wide climbing surface with 90 holds that can be configured however you prefer. For more advanced climbers the ClimbStation features a hydraulic tilting mechanism that can adjust the angle of the climbing face between +15 to -30 degrees, and it has a top scrolling speed of 17 meters per minute. But for novices the ClimbStation also incorporates sensors that keep track of how fast or how slow you’re climbing and will automatically adjust the scrolling speed to match your pace. If you climb fast the wall scrolls faster, and if you stop the wall will slow down giving you time to find your next hold. It’s an impressive piece of exercise equipment and should be with a price tag of just over $42,000.

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  1. I always wondered when they would get around to inventing that thing George Jetson gets caught up in during the intro of his cartoons.

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