Climbing Boulders

Climbing Boulders Cliff Boulder (Image courtesy Playworld Systems)By Andrew Liszewski

If you want your kids to build some real character in a hurry you’re going to want to forego those swingsets and jungle gyms in your backyard and instead have one of these Climbing Boulders installed.

To be honest as a kid our swingset was only ever really used as a climbing structure anyways. That and everything else in our backyard so why not give kids what they really want to begin with. Pictured here is the ‘Cliff Boulder’ which is the largest model available from the company (Playworld Systems) and they claim these climbing boulders help build physical strength, coordination and even promote problem-solving as kids try to determine the best way to keep their friends and siblings from safely reaching the top. (Let’s face it these things are just perfect for playing king of the castle.)

There are also smaller versions available for younger kids and the website claims installation will only take from 3 to 6 hours depending on the size. And even though the ‘Cliff Boulder’ weighs in at 1865 lbs (which the site honestly refers to as “amazingly lightweight”) you apparently don’t need to rent a crane to get it in place.

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