Click Watches (Images courtesy Watchismo)

Click Watches Embrace ‘Retro-tronics’

Click Watches (Images courtesy Watchismo)
By Andrew Liszewski

The last time I had to fiddle around with a set of DIP switches was on a Star NX-1000C color dot matrix printer attached to my Commodore 64. I’ve no idea how and why I remember the printer’s full name, nor can I recall why I had to mess with those switches. But clearly that rudimentary ‘hacking’ I did as a kid stuck with me, because as soon as I saw these retro-riffic watches that Watchismo now carries, I knew I had to have one! Or possibly ten.

I’m obviously particularly fond of the DIP Switch model, which features a working set of small switches that were typically used to modify how a piece of retro electronics would function. But the Turn Switch model, which uses a rotating dial instead, also has its charms. Both use the switches to change what is displayed on the also retro-riffic LCD displays, including 12 and 24 hour modes, the date, the backlight, and even a stylish bar graph time indicator. You also have your choice of a stainless steel flex band, or the far more desirable faux ribbon cable option pictured above.

Click Watches (Images courtesy Watchismo)

Even the packaging is fantastic. Making the $169.99 price tag for the stainless steel strap, and $149.99 for the ribbon cable seem like the deal of this past century.

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