Citrocasa Fantastic (Images courtesy Citrocasa)

Citrocasa Fantastic – An Industrial Strength Automatic Juicer Designed For Home Use

Citrocasa Fantastic (Images courtesy Citrocasa)
By Andrew Liszewski

From what I gather, the juicing machines made by Austrian-based Citrocasa are some of the finest in the world. At least if you’re a restauranteur, or have a large enough food business to turn a profit on them. But freshly squeezed orange juice is a right, not a privelege, so the company has recently created the Fantastic – a far more compact version of their juicers that can be purchased for home use, or any smaller scale needs. (Though at 121 lbs, it will still dwarf your coffee maker.)

What sets the Citrocasa juicers apart from other machines, or my method of just mashing up some oranges in a pillow case with a hammer, is that it can process 30 oranges per minute. Or cut and thoroughly squeeze one every 2 seconds. That’s impressive! It also has what they call an “SCS Up & Down cutting system” which basically means it cuts the oranges cleanly in half so that none of the bitter skin or rind gets into the juice when they’re squeezed. And the machine has been built to be easily disassembled so that cleaning it is a breeze. Pricing and availability info are still TBA.

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