Citizen Astrodea Celestial Watch

Citizen Astrodea Watch (Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m particularly fond of watches with a busy face, but the Astrodea collection from Citizen is kind of pushing the limits. The watch face has a 35° view of the heavens (as seen from the Northern Hemisphere) that rotates in real time and shows 1,109 stars and 169 cluster galaxies. It also includes other measurements like equinox indications, constellation markers, location of the sun, solar position, sunrise and sunset times and the daily duration of sunshine.

The watch comes in either a blue or gold face version, has a stainless steel case and band and uses non-reflective sapphire glass. And because the face itself is so detailed the watch even includes a 10x magnifier for close-up viewing. Both versions are available from Japan Trend Shop for $585.

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  1. Im reminded of that one Simpsons episode… the one where homer get himself a gigantic version of one of these for christmas. Just thought that was noteworthy.

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