Cigarette Size V16 Chip Fire LED Flashlight

Can I have a Light?By Michelle Cheung

Is it too soon to have another post about LED lights (couple days ago, there was the Inova X5)? Of course not! Especially when it’s something this small and light.

Originally designed by Zweibrueder, the V16 Chip Fire is a pen size LED flashlight. It measures 3-7/8 inches long and weights 10 grams. I would say its size is similar to a cigarette, with a special battery life of at least 50 hours.

This nifty device won two major design award in the year of 2003, including the Design Plus Award and the Red Dot Award. It won’t cost you a fortune either: $7.49 on!

Check out the V16 Chip Fire.

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  1. yea i too have a real problem paying more for shipping an item than the actual cost of said item. also this does not qualify for amazon’s free shipping. no thanks

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