Ci 3-80QT, Motorized Ceiling Mounted Speakers from KEF

If you have a home theater, you might want to consider dropping $500 for this fine product from company KEF. It’s a set of speakers that recess flush into the ceiling when not in use.

The thing about speakers, see, is that they take space. You might think “Hey, let me put’em in the ceiling, that way, they be out of the way”. Alas, directing sound right at the ground will probably make your home theater acoustically challenged. This solution, then, combines both. It aims the sound straight at the audience, and disappears when you’re done.


KEF’s Ci 3-80QT produces exceptionally wide dispersion through its patented Uni-Q driver. Uni-Q places its aluminium dome tweeter in the acoustic centre of a mid-bass cone, resulting in a near-perfect, single-point-source driver.

This configuration ensures both drivers’ frequency ranges are delivered in-phase and in precise focus, providing the wider dispersion that ensures all listeners throughout the room enjoy optimal sound quality, including those outside of the typical “sweet spot.??? The Uni-Q array also offers distinct “vocal intelligibility,??? bringing crisp transparency to all dialogue (whether whispered or shouted) even when it is competing with ambient noise.

It should be available through dealers starting in mid-September, for the aforementioned price of $500.

The company page, again, is here. Story VIA Gizmag.

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