ChumBuddy Is A Giant Man-Eating Plush

By Chris Scott Barr

Stuffed animals are for little children, right? Wrong. This awesome ChumBuddy is awesome, regardless of your age. After all, who wouldn’t want a 7-foot stuffed shark? Okay, so maybe some of you aren’t quite sold on the idea. I understand where you’re coming from, as a giant stuffed animal is still just a big toy. The real selling point here is that the opening for its mouth actually extends the entire way down through the body.

That’s right, this gigantic plush can eat you! It can be used to reenact scenes from Jaws, or as a sleeping bag if needed. It’s not your average lightweight plush either, this monstrosity weighs in at over 30lbs and is hand-sewn. The only thing that’s not awesome about this item is the price. You can pre-order it now for $200. I still think it would be completely worth every penny.

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