Chop Sabers

Chop Sabers (Images courtesy Kotobukiya & JapanStarWars)
By Andrew Liszewski

Will mankind ever run out of stick-like objects that can easily be turned into light sabers? I certainly hope not. The latest distinctly non-Star Wars item to get the light saber treatment are these Chop Sabers, or light saber chop sticks from Kotobukiya which were apparently shown off at their booth at this year’s Comic Con. The Chop Sabers come in adult sizes (9-inches long) featuring Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s sabers, as well as a shorter ‘kid-friendly’ set (8-inches long) fashioned after Yoda’s. They won’t hit stores until 2010 I’m afraid, and pricing info has yet to be announced.

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