Chiu Chih’s Survival Kit for the Apocalyptic Future

Chiu Chih’s Survival Kit for the Apocalyptic Future

Chiu Chih Survival Kit

At the rate things are going, we’d be lucky if the human survives for a couple more centuries. Chiu Chih’s concept for a future contraption that humans might need if the world we live in goes downhill looks daunting. The project is called “Voyage on the Planet” and focuses on the current state of the earth. It raises controversial and much-debated questions like new energy sources and further exploration of the planet to ensure its survival.

Chiu’s solution for deteriorating air quality? A backpack of fresh air provided by a lone plant stored in the clear backpack.

Chiu Chih Survival Kit0

Clearly the series (and the design) is more on sending a strong message rather than proposing an actual thing that might be produced in the future.

The design responds to a sense of curiosity towards this ever-changing environment – where old buildings are demolished and new modern ones continue to rise. Society and culture modify from one moment to the next, which in some cases Chiu Chih believes renders people hopeless, while for others it brings about hope and new expectations.

What do you think?

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  1. This looks partly like a 2009 project from Mathieu Lehanneur: “Andrea” but like a total rip off from a project from Corentin Dombrecht from 2001… that’s 12 years ago.

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