China’s IWOD G10, An MP3 Player With NES Emulator

iwod g10 nes emulatorBy David Ponce

You can alway count on China to manufacture gadgets that will likely never see our shores for a variety of reasons, most of them legal in nature. In this instance, you have the IWod G10 (not to be confused with the iRiver G10), with a kick-ass feature: a built-in NES emulator. That’s right, not only will you be able to listen to MP3, WMA, FLAC files, or watch MPEG-4 video on its 2.5? LTPS 16 million color LCD screen (at a resolution of 882 x 228), but you can do so while playing Tetris, or Mario Bros. or any other old-school NES game. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how to get these.

That said, the device’s lithium battery is said to last 10 hours on video and 30 on audio. It has an on-board memory of 256MB, which is expandable up to 1GB via SD. And it seems to cost around $150.

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