China’s Baidu To Launch Dubike Smartbike


Forget Smart Watches, they’re very 2014. With 2015 on the horizon, the new thing could be Smart Bikes. At least that’s what China’s online services giant, Baidu, seems to be hoping. Not that they’re betting the farm on it, but with the launch of the Dubike (in collaboration with Tsinghua University’s design department), they’re at least putting a credible effort behind what looks to be a solid high-tech bicycle. The Dubike has sensors to determine heart rate, pedal rate, pedal pressure, and a bunch of others, with the aim of digitizing the entire cycling experience. Regenerative braking fills up the batteries, which in turn power all the electronics on board, as well as your own, should you wish to charge these. There’s no pedal assist however, so if there’s a steep hill ahead, you’re on your own.

There are no details on pricing or availability, but word is Baidu hopes to have it on the market by the end of the year. Which market? Most likely just Asia, if not China only. But hey, maybe its existence will encourage others to push ahead in this field.


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