China Launches Medical Hands-Free Sperm Extractor

It used to be that Japan would be the king of strange contraptions, but it looks like China wants some of that wtf action as well. You’re looking at a sperm extractor, of the human variety. It’s used at Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China and although it could technically be used for donations, its intended purpose is to treat infertility. It works pretty much as you’d expect: you insert your peener in the opening, and all manner of automated things get to work on pleasuring you. You control temperature, as well as the rate and frequency of, uh, stimulation. There’s even a screen on which you can view naked people fornicating.

Interestingly, the thing isn’t that expensive at $2,800. While it’s supposed to be used in a medical setting, there’s a good chance that the bored-with-the-fleshlight crowd might take an interest.

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