Chill Stick Disguises A Six Pack

Chill Stick Disguises A Six Pack

By Luke Anderson

What’s more manly than walking around with a six-pack of your favorite brew? While walking around with beer might seem manly, it also cries out “I’m gonna go get tanked,” which isn’t always the impression you want to give off to those around you. So here’s a clever way to disguise your drinks while keeping them cool.

This Chill Stick looks very much like it would house a pool cue, rather than six frosty beverages. It’s made of neoprene which should keep them cold for a little while, and best of all, it’ll only set you back a measly $12 bucks. Surely you’ll save that much by using this thing to sneak beer into a variety of places that would otherwise charge you a small fortune for a sip.

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