Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Now Blessed With Bathroom Mirrors That Play Commercials

Chicago's O'Hare Airport's Bathroom Mirror Ads (Image courtesy Jaunted)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides death and taxes, here’s another thing you can always count on in life. Somehow, someone, somewhere will find a way to make flying and airports even more intolerable. If it’s not overzealous and questionably effective security, it’s the ever increasing number of ads and commercials playing on displays around every corner. Even the bathroom has stopped being a refuge, particularly in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport where a company called Clear Channel Communications, working with technology designer Mirrus, has created yet another way to annoy you with ads.

When someone is washing their hands or shaving or something, the bathroom mirrors work as expected. But when no one is standing in front of the sink, the mirrors switch to showing full-screen ads. And I’m assuming/hoping they don’t play sound since an entire row of mirrors would all be in competition with each other if they were showing different content. But that only makes them slightly less annoying. They of course also use sensors of some sort to tell when someone is standing in front of the mirror, but my success rate with motion sensing faucets, or lack thereof, also makes me less than excited about this idea.

[ PR – Clear Channel Airports Reflects Marketers’ Messages on New Digital Advertising Platform ] VIA [ Jaunted ]

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