Chevy Volt (Image courtesy General Motors)

Chevy Volt Officially Priced At $41,000*

Chevy Volt (Image courtesy General Motors)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s been a long time coming, but today General Motors officially announced that the Chevy Volt will have an MSRP of $41,000, though if you qualify for the full federal income tax credit of $7,500, the MSRP is technically $33,500. Just keep in mind that’s a tax credit, not a coupon, you still have to pony up the full $41,000 if you want to buy a Volt when they’re available in very limited numbers at the end of the year.

But I’m sure that price tag won’t deter early adopters, so if you live in the California, New York, Michigan, Connecticut, Texas, New Jersey or Washington D.C. areas you can head on over to your local Chevy Volt dealer. Not sure where that is? Well there’s a site for that called that should be updated with a dealer locator sometime today. And don’t forget, as part of a program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, 4,400 lucky Volt owners will be eligible for a free 240-volt home charging station, including installation costs.

I just hope GM has solved that rumored issue where touching the Volt in the wrong place causes the car to dramatically lose acceleration. *Update: Looks like they’ve just stuck a bumper on the front and back as a workaround.

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5 thoughts on “Chevy Volt Officially Priced At $41,000*”

  1. That price is so ridiculous. It's like GM just has no desire to see an electric car succeed. It's no wonder these idiots have fallen so far behind the import market. Honda would produce the same car and charge $25k.

  2. If I had the money I'd get the car. That is just what is sad about trying to “go green”. It is so expensive. I mean solar chargers are over priced, kinetic energy chargers are over priced. Why save the planet when for half the cost I can get something that works and works right. If they really would like to “save the earth” lower the cost of “going green”.

  3. After seeing that assembly line video released by GM where several workers and pointless amounts of assembly stations were used to attach couple of bells & whistles to an already pre-manufactured battery, all of which could have been done by one man on a single table, I'm not surprised at the somewhat bloated price.

    Also the Tesla Model S is going to be $56,400 that also qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit. So I wouldn't see the Volt as overpriced, its price is actually perfect in the the starting electric vehicle market. This is just the beginning (hopefully) and prices are going to be steep for early adopters. Currently the main cost bearing is the extremely expensive battery. With time advancements in technology and a more mature manufacturing in mass quantities will lower the cost of both batteries and electric (or Volt like) cars as a whole. …again, hopefully.

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