Chevy Volt Approved For 2010 Production

Chevy Volt

By Evan Ackerman

You’ve got to give a little bit of credit to GM for this one. It’s not easy for a monolithic company to make a serious commitment to a radically different concept, but Rick Wagoner, GM’s CEO, has approved the Chevy Volt for commercial production, saying: “we intend to show a production version of the Chevy Volt publicly in the very near future, and we remain focused on our target of getting the Volt into Chevrolet showrooms by the end of 2010.” The end of 2010 probably means November, and according to, 2011 should see about 100,000 Volts hitting the road.

Just to recap, the Volt is a 4 seater electric/hybrid vehicle that gets 40 miles per charge on electricity alone (it recharges from a standard outlet), and about 50 mpg after that. It looks like it’ll be costing somewhere north of $35,000 but less than $40,000. We hope, anyway.

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