Cheesy Batman Valentines From the Past

Cheesy Batman Valentines From the Past

Batman Valentines

Batman is the epitome of cool when it comes to superheroes. He’s rich, good-looking, and he’s got the coolest set of wheels and weapons at his disposal. But back in the day, he also happened to be featured in the cheesiest of Valentines. Corny quotes and one-liners with a (seemingly) forced lovey-dovey twist, it seems like this gallery has it all.

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Batman Valentines1

Batman Valentines2

Batman Valentines3

Batman Valentines4

Batman Valentines5

Batman Valentines6

Batman Valentines7

Batman Valentines8

Batman Valentines9

The only one missing is the Joker. Happy Valentines!

VIA [ Geek Tyrant ]