Check Out Our New Digs!

By David Ponce

Well, Hell, and everything. We did it! After years (literally), we’ve re-launched OhGizmo! RSS peeps, come on down and tell us what you think. We think it looks kind of nice, and we hope you do too.

The design, layout and all graphic work was done by your very own Andrew Liszewski. He happens to be a freelancer, and I’m pretty sure he’s for hire. If you’re interested in pimping out your own site, let him know in the comments.

The very solid coding of Andrew’s design was done by Timothy Su, also known as Ignorant Cow. There was also some fine-tuning done by one of Andrew’s friends, whose name I’m as yet unaware. If Andrew wants to send him some work, he’ll let you know.

I’m pretty much dropping this in the middle of the night, against Andrew’s very nervous wishes. He’s a perfectionist, and he’s worried things will come crashing down if we don’t Beta test until we turn blue. I, however, have faith in his work and am pretty sure nothing will break. But, if you do notice things that are out of place, or if you simply love it (hate it) so much, tell us!

33 thoughts on “Check Out Our New Digs!”

  1. Good look, bunch of the whole Web 2.0 stuff…

    One nit pick, the grey font for things like “comments” and such at the end of each article is very hard to see on laptop screens. Higher contrast in colors is greatly preferred.

  2. Love the new look.

    Few things i noticed:
    1) i’m posting this comment after ‘Austink’, and his name still appeared in the ‘name’ field when leaving a comment (does it always show the name of the previous person to leave a comment)
    2) i loaded the page with the ‘favorites’ side bar open and everything looked aligned, but when i closed the side bar the ‘OhGizmo’ title bar graphic became mis-aligned (same happened if i loaded the page with the side bar closed, and then opened it after, but the missalignment went the other way)?
    3) there is the note that says ‘*denotes a required field’, but there is no ‘*’ next to any of the fields?

  3. One other quick note – if you guys are really really obsessive about bandwidth usage, load times, et cetera, I figure you should be able to trim (at the very least) 5,062 bytes off of a front page viewing by compressing 8 out of the 20 .gif images into .png images – in my testing, the other 12 compressed better as .gif images.
    Yes, I have no life whatsoever. And yes, you can feel free to make fun of me for it. 😛

  4. Nice new look, i like it, way more profi then previous (which wasnt bad allready).

    Minor xhtml issue: in my IE 6 in Winxp sp2 the right skyscraper banner gets bumped to below the list of blog-items on the front page, its fine on this comment page (while staying in its own collumn), looks like some boxed model problem (bad float, width or whatever).

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