Check Out Acer’s Selfie Hat for London Fashion Week!


In recent years, people have reached new heights when it comes to vanity. Maybe the era of selfies began when phone makers began putting a camera with each smartphone they made. It exploded when front-facing cameras were upgraded and when monopods (aka selfie sticks) made their way to Amazon.

Someone already came up with the Selfie Brush. Now are you ready for the Selfie Hat? The latter was created by fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis in partnership with Acer. The pink sombrero is eye-catching not only because of all that glitter, but because of an attachment on the brim where Acer’s Iconia A-1 840 tablet is tucked in.



To say that it’s a heavy hat is an understatement. It’s key (and probably only) feature is that the wearer can turn the hat this way and that in order to find the perfect angle for a selfie. The Selfie Hat was on display at this year’s London Fashion Week.

VIA [ Damn Geeky ]