Che Mario T-Shirt

By David Ponce

No clue whether these actually exist, as whatever links are supposed to point to their place of purchase seem to lead nowhere. Doesn’t matter though. I thought you ought to know these awesome T-Shirts exist (at least, I think they do).

Mario. Che. Che Mario. It’s genius!

So, they’re supposed to be $15 or something, from right here. Story VIA Alt1040.

1 thought on “Che Mario T-Shirt”

  1. Yes, they do exist… I’m the designer of the shirt, and my boyfriend and I have set up a little shop online where we’re selling our homemade/self-designed gaming related articles. We’ve just started a short while ago, so we only have a few articles up, but the t-shirts are selling like hot buns – we’ve sold over sixty so far since Thursday and I just placed an order of another 72 shirts, so come get it while it’s hot!

    One of the other things we do as well is take old arcade machines and patch them up, then put a Linux box inside running MAME, an arcade emulator. I’ve put up pictures on our blog.

    For our shop, go here:
    For our blog (still a bit screwy, haven’t had time to finish it yet):

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