Chatman Is The Only Friend You’ll Ever Need

Chatman Is The Only Friend You’ll Ever Need


By Evan Ackerman

The internet can be a lonely place. You have no idea who you’re really talking to, whether they claim to be a 48 year old guy in his mom’s basement or a hot lonely teenage girl (like me), which is why instead of real people, you need Chatman. Chatman is a friendly yellow PC accessory who has no secrets and is “destined to become every kids new best mate” thanks to some fancy artificial intelligence software. Chatman spies on your instant messages, web surfing, gaming, and social networks and somehow “gets involved” by “tell[ing] you exactly what he thinks and how he feels about the discussions exchanged.”

In addition to moving eyes, arms, ear things, and an LED emoticon mouth, Chatman has 3 personality options, 25 moods (whatever that means), and over 500 different actions. You can program Chatman with new actions and stuff, but before he’ll use them, they have to get approved by his parent corporation. Incidentally, while Chatman won’t actually prevent you from visiting no-no websites, he will tattle back to your parents and verbally chastise you. There isn’t a lot of information on these features specifically, and that makes it all seem a little bit sinister, like Chatman is actually designed to be some nanny software in a kid-friendly and “fun” (sort of) disguise. Your friendly, round, and yellow little bit brother should be available around Easter for nobody knows how much.

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5 thoughts on “Chatman Is The Only Friend You’ll Ever Need”

  1. I liked it a lot. And most appreciable feature of it is Compatible with all major IM platforms including Facebook, MSN, Yahoo and AOL, Chatman has three personality options with over 500 actions and over 25 customisable moods.

  2. Isn't this exactly what Microsoft tried doing with the paperclip in Word 15 years ago? The only thing different now is it's yellow and round and sucks up a USB port.

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