CHARLI-2 Robot Dances Gangnam Style

Yeah, yeah, dancing robots are a dime a dozen. But CHARLI-2 here isn’t a $50 desk toy from Japan, it’s Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory darling, and the U.S. Navy’s “forerunner for creating a Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR) that could work with human sailors to battle fires aboard warships at sea.” This little guy’s got some serious tech on him, but in the video above, no one really cares. CHARLI-2 puts the moves on to a little tune known as Gangnam Style… maybe you guys have heard of it? (please note sarcasm) Anyway, it’s fun to watch. And as a top comment on that video says, “I? thought Humans dancing like robots wre cool, but robots dancing like humans is the new thing.”

By the way, that song’s up to 532 million views. That’s… just nuts.

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