Charge Up Your Spare Eee PC Battery

By Luke Anderson

If you’re buying a netbook, chances are that you’re wanting to use it for prolonged periods. This also probably means that you’re spending a good deal of time away from an outlet. So what do you do when your battery is low and you’re still hours away from being able to charge it? You turn to that spare battery that you purchased. Of course, the thing about spare batteries is that they are very annoying to charge. First you have to charge your main battery, then you have to swap them out and charge the spare. Thankfully Eee PC owners have the option of getting a dedicated charger for that spare battery.

There really isn’t much to this little device. It’s very small (much like the Eee itself) and charges up your spare battery. Probably the best feature to note here is the minuscule price tag. A mere $23 is all you need.

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