Chair In A Can


By Evan Ackerman

Here it is, a can (okay, package) of insta-chair. The ‘pack chair’ by designer Fran├žois Azambourg is made of cloth and comes rolled up in a little pack. When a chair becomes necessary, you simply unroll it and flick a switch on the side. The switch activates a polyurethane mixture inside the cloth which expands into foam in seconds, and presto, you’ve got a full size, completely solid chair.

The chair is designed to be sold via mail order, and the designer claims it could be far cheaper to make than other furniture. So far, though, only 5 prototypes exist and I have no idea how you’d go about getting one.

VIA [ Designboom ]

6 thoughts on “Chair In A Can”

  1. hey there, Dan from sitbetter here….

    the first thought that ran through my mind is that's what the temp workers all get to use now! As soon as they're gone, unplug and shove in the drawer!
    My second thought was- wait, they'll invent the inflatable desk, too!

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