[CES 2012] Withings Now Has A Connected Scale To Weigh Babies

By David Ponce

Weighing yourself doesn’t have to be boring and Withings knows this. They already make a really cool scale that connects to the internet and uploads your weight and bodyfat percentage to the cloud. And this year they’re releasing a new connected scale meant to specifically weigh babies. Most parents are understandably obssessed with their shiny new babies, so tracking their child’s growth with geeky abandon is a pasttime Withings is hoping to cash in on. The Smart Baby Scale has a basket, which you can remove once the baby reaches toddler size. It is accurate to 10 grams, and will weigh your offspring up to 55 lbs. The real fun however starts with the related application. Along with the growth curve chart, parents can attach notes and photos and build a detailed timeline.

There is no price for this at the moment, though it should be available in Q2 of this year.

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