[CES 2012] 360 Degree Panoramas Are Even Easier With The GoPano iPhone Case

By David Ponce

I finally got to see the GoPano iPhone case that was announced last April. Back then it was a Kickstarter project, well on its way to getting funded. Well, fast forward 9 months and here it is at CES. It’s a clip on case very similar to the Kogeto Dot which I wrote about back in October. The case features a detacheable 360-degree mirror that lets you take photos and videos in 360 degrees, natch. Like the Dot, these videos are fully interactive so you can pan around as you watch. The difference, and this is a big one, is that you don’t have to hold your phone like a waiter with a tiny plate of appetizers in your hand. The orientation of the mirror extension is vertical so you get to hold your iPhone 4 or 4S the same way you’ve become used to. It’s a well made product and feels comfortable to use.

It’s a fun product and for $79, won’t put a giant hole in your wallet.

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