[CES 2011] Sony’s Glasses-Free Portable 3D Blu-ray Player Concept

Sony's Glasses-Free Portable 3D Blu-ray Player Concept (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

They have no plans to put it into production at the moment, but at the ‘Future 3D Technology Demo’ section of their CES booth, Sony had this fully-working glasses-free 3D Blu-ray player on display. While 3D was still the prevalent theme of the show this year, there was actually quite a bit of glasses-free 3D technology on display. But I’m sorry to report that the 3D demos playing on this weren’t exactly mind-blowing, though I suspect it was the content to blame since it didn’t look like genuine 3D footage. Sony had other glasses-free 3D technology on display at their booth that looked quite impressive.