[CES 2010] Scosche flipSYNC Ensures You Always Have An iPhone Cable On Hand


By Chris Scott Barr

If you have an iPhone, it probably goes with you everywhere. But how many places do you take a cable to charge it? Since the iPhone is notorious for having less than spectacular battery life, it’s generally good to have a way to get extra juice to it when needed. Scosche was showing off their latest iPhone/iPod charge and sync cable at CES, which should be easy to keep on your person at all times.

The flipSYNC looks very much like an ordinary fob that you might have on your keychain. However, hidden within are two ends of a cable. One end for your iPhone/iPod and one that is an ordinary USB plug. As long as you have access to a free USB port, you’ll always have a way to charge and sync your device. These should be hitting the market soon for an undetermined price.


[ Scosche ]

8 thoughts on “[CES 2010] Scosche flipSYNC Ensures You Always Have An iPhone Cable On Hand”

  1. It is very bulky to carry iphone data cable and so
    i would like to get this Scosche flip-sync iphone .
    Iphone data cable is very useful as it is for multi
    purpose. It can even charge the phone and it
    can also connect the iphone to PC.

  2. I have now got myself one of these, but it doesnt seem to want to work with a PC only macs!! Grrr
    Is this a common problem or is it only compatible with apple macs?

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