[CES 2010] Case-Mate Lets You Ditch Your Wallet In Favor Of An iPhone Case


By Chris Scott Barr

iPhone cases were everywhere at CES this year. You couldn’t go past more than a few booths without someone showing off their latest designs. Most cases were similar to others on the market, but with a different pattern, or a slightly different feel. It was always a refreshment to see something that actually brought something new to the world of iPhone cases. One in particular from Case-Mate caught my eye as I was exploring their booth.

Here in Vegas there is little reason to carry around a bulky wallet. I don’t need all of the stupid club cards that you have to swipe at the grocery store and whatnot. I just need my ID, debit card and room key. Those, along with my iPhone are really the only essentials that I need on my person. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a case that could hold all of them? Well Case-Mate thinks so too. Their iPhone ID Credit Card Cases are meant to hold your phone and two credit card-sized items. I think that three might have been a better choice, but then again I rarely have to worry about a room key. For $30 you can leave your wallet at home, while still having the essentials.

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  1. I've been using my cell phone case as a wallet for years. Everything I need fits right behind the phone. The sides stretch enough to put quite a few cards and papers there.

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