[CES 2008] ZCam Gesture Control Gaming

By Evan Ackerman

Besides illustrating why nerds mostly game while sedentary, this vid shows the ZCam, by Israeli company 3DV Systems, in action. ZCam works by sensing depth, which is fairly innovative when it comes to interactive gaming. Instead of looking for motion or color, in the demo application (a boxing game) the camera figures out where you are and what you’re doing by contrasting distances. For example, it knows that if it sees small objects moving around in front of a large object, those are probably your fists in front of your body, and it can project those into a gaming environment like the boxing demo. The infrared rangefinder has a depth resolution of up to 1 centimeter and VGA resolution at 60fps, meaning that it can effectively detect finger movements. The camera unit should be released at the end of the year for under $100, but software developers are going to have to integrate the technology into their products for any of us to get much use out of it.

[ 3DV Systems ]

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  1. This isn’t a new technology. This was copied from the prievious technology that allow gamer to do their move within the camera.

    This is not new.

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