[CES 2008] Versus Scoreboard – Your Own Portable Scoring System

Versus Scoreboard (Image courtesy Seventy 7 Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

Whoever said “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but how you played the game” clearly never experienced how much fun it is to win. And while most of us will never have the chance to enjoy a victory in front of thousands of fans in a stadium, the Versus Scoreboard can at least bring some of that experience home. The Versus was created by Filip Ivanoski (a lifelong athlete and professional tennis instructor) who feels that listening to music can not only enhance an athlete’s ability, but also make the sport more fun.

So besides serving as a portable scoreboard and timer, the Versus also has an analog line-in connection and 10W speakers allowing you to connect an iPod or other audio device. And while your favorite music is playing in the background, the Versus also has a series of stadium and crowd sound effects that can be used to enhance the action in the game. It even includes a microphone allowing the non-athletes to serve as play-by-play or color commentators on the sideline.

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