[CES 2008] Tiny Displays

By Evan Ackerman

When it comes to displays, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes it is, but not when we’re talking about mobile devices. Hitachi is showcasing some of their very small, yet very bright high resolution (and, in some cases, touchscreen) displays, which we’ll start seeing in cellphones, portable media players, and even perhaps UMPCs in the near future:

2.4 inch QVGA (240×320) LCD; brightness 500 cd/m2, contrast 1000:1, less than 1mm thick

Hitachi VGA
2.98 inch VGA (640×320) LCD; brightness 500 cd/m2, contrast 500:1

Hitachi WXGA
5 inch WXGA (1366×768) LCD; brightness 350 cd/m2, contrast 500:1

[ Hitachi ]

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