[CES 2008] Pepcom: PocketFinder GPS Locator


By Evan Ackerman

If you need to keep track of something, PocketFinder is the way to do it. Keep track of what, you ask? Well, anything. How about your kids? Do you know where they are right now? Are you SURE? With PocketFinder, you can be sure, even if they’re inside, where conventional GPS devices don’t function. PocketFinder is unique in that it uses both GPS signals and GSM triangulation to figure out where it is. When it’s able to, it combines them both to determine its position within 5 feet, and worst case (no GPS) it can still locate itself within 500 feet.

PocketFinder is small and waterproof, since it’s charged inductively (no wires or plugs) on a custom charging base. The interface is completely web based, and will even run on an iPhone or something similar. Like most GPS tracking devices, you can set boundary alerts, but PocketFinder also incorporates (will incorporate, they just got the patent yesterday) an accelerometer that can tell if you get into an accident and notify the proper authorities.

The unit itself costs a bit over $100, which isn’t that bad… But you do have to pay a fee every month to receive location data over the GSM network. Yay PocketFinder, boo subscription fees.

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