[CES 2008] Pepcom: Just Better Looking Is Still Better

By Evan Ackerman

The easiest way to turn a ho-hum product into something slightly interesting is to just dress it up a bit, in a slick looking case. Here’s an example of notebooks from Dell:

Dell Notebooks

Pretty, no? Same goes for these external HDs, from Toshiba:

Toshiba External Drives

One of those drives, you may have noticed, is smaller than the others… It’s a 1.8 inch form factor, packing 120 gigs. Toshiba also had a 160 gig 1.8 inch bare drive, but the biggest one you can currently get in a pretty little USB bus powered case is the 120. Yeah, I’d pay extra for that piano black with the blue and silver stripes… Sooo pretty.

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