[CES 2008] Pepcom: Fujitsu Concepts

By Evan Ackerman

These gadget concepts from Fujitsu aren’t exactly ready for production, but they’re interesting nonetheless. I’d like to think they have some basis in commercial reality, and they probably do in some extremely attenuated sense, but… Who really cares, they’re cool:

-Card Viewer

Fujitsu Card Viewer

This device consists of a base module, with multiple electronic “cards” attached to it. Use the base to find directions, create a picture slideshow, or store other information, and then give one of the cards away. The information from the base will go along with the card.

-Fabric PC

Fabric PC

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this computer is, in fact, made out of fabric, based on electronic paper. It’s soft and foldable, yet retains all of the functionality of a laptop. Plus, it would make a much more effective pillow for tired bloggers than, say, a Sony Vaio does.

-Clerk Browser

Clerk Browser

This one is my favorite. Fujitsu designed it as “an information terminal which a salesclerk uses in stores,” but it’s way too cool for that. It neatly solves the biggest problem that wrist computers have: restricted display space. And wearing it makes me feel, for some reason, exactly like Batman. Yep, it’s only day 1 of CES, and already I’m going nuts.

It’s 5am, and the exhibit floor opens in 3 hours. G’night.

[ Fujitsu ]