[CES 2008] Pepcom: Alienware Curvy Display Prototype

Alienware Display

By Evan Ackerman

This wraparound display from Alienware was probably the most obviously interesting eye candy at the Pepcom show at CES. It’s rear projection, with a wraparound effect that mimics peripheral vision, which is great for FPS games like Crysis (which it ran without a hitch). I’m not sure exactly what’s in there, but if you look very closely at the picture, you can see three vague vertical lines, which makes me suspect that there are four projectors working in concert. It doesn’t slow the screen down, though… The response time (this is not a typo) is 0.02ms, and the resolution is a whopping 2880 x 900. Although this unit is only a prototype, it should be commercially available sometime in the latter half of 2008. Price? Yeah, good luck.

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