[CES 2008] Booth Babes: D-Link Wireless Photo Frame

D-Link Booth Babe

By Evan Ackerman

Why do we come to CES? One reason: hot chicks are there specifically to be nice to us. Why is that? Because we’re all totally cool, right? Right. I wish. No, they’re trying to get us interested in their products, and damn if it doesn’t work like a charm.

This is the D-Link DSM-210 wireless photo frame. It has a 10″ 16:9 “10-Megapixel” (they’re lying about that) screen and is supposed to pull RSS feeds of photos or news over your wireless home network. It’s also supposed to be easy to set up… But I’ve heard all that before, and I’ll believe it when it comes out this spring for around $250.

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