[CES 2008] Big TVs And Bigger TVs

[CES 2008] Big TVs And Bigger TVs

By Evan Ackerman

It’s certainly no secret that major electronics manufacturers are engaged in a running contest of “mine’s bigger!” when it comes to TVs. So, here are a few of the big and bigger TVs on display at CES:

Sasmsung 102
I’m pretty sure that this custom Samsung plasma TV is 102 inches; nobody at the Samsung booth knew how big it was (seriously), so we had to get creative with some sheets of paper and mental trigonometry.

Panasonic 103
Panasonic 103″ plasma.

Sharp 108
Sharp 108″ LCD.

Now, I don’t know a ton about HD TVs, but from just walking around and looking at them, I tended to favor smaller and crisper HD displays as opposed to the giant ones. I think the reason is that standard HDTV has a resolution of 2,073,600 pixels, and when you make a bigger HD TV, all you’re doing is increasing the size of each pixel. The huge HD TVs are certainly impressive, and look great from a distance, but personally, I’d take one of the smaller ones and just sit a little bit closer.

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