Ceramic Cup + Fins = No More Burns

Stephen Reed Ceramic Cup (Image courtesy Stephen Reed Industrial Design)By Andrew Liszewski

We all know the stories and have heard all the jokes about lawsuits and hot coffee (I mean the actual beverage, not the Grand Theft Auto fiasco) so I’ll just get to the point here.

Designed by Stephen Reed this ceramic mug effectively deals with even the hottest of beverages with a unique fin structure design that runs around the entire cup. The fins put distance between the hot liquid and the held surface which not only prevents burns but also allows for a more natural grip.

I wonder how long before Starbucks or McDonald’s finds a way to make a disposable version of these cups?

[Stephen Reed Ceramic Cup]

4 thoughts on “Ceramic Cup + Fins = No More Burns”

  1. As the self-appointed ceramist-in-residence here, I can tell you this: To make this widget commercially viable they are going to go through a LOT of scrap. The reason fins don’t get hot is simple: surface area dissiaptes heat. Well, fins also dissipate moisture. To get this to form correctly the pressures would be astronomica, or the forming material a little on the wet side. At any rate, any moisture in the fins will get whisked away at the first opportunity, and cracks will develop. very likely at the point where the fins join the main body. I love the concept. It’s one of those DUH things. I hope it makes it to the public!

  2. If I’m correct, this has already been patented. It has been available for some years now in my country not as a coffee cup, but as a disposable cup used in some brands of instant noodle soup. It also has fins but they are much shorter, thinner and more numerous. Heres the website with a picture. http://www.urc.com.ph/products.htm Its near the bottom of the page.

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