Cellphone Voice Changer

Cellphone Voice Changer

Cellphone Voice Changer (Image courtesy SpyVille.com)By Andrew Liszewski

Every day I seem to stumble across a new online store dedicated to spy gear and covert electronics, but I’m pretty sure a real spy wouldn’t touch any of the stuff they sell with a 10-foot spy pole. Case in point, this cellphone voice changer which I’m sure is just as high quality as this website’s product shot. It works like any other hands-free headset by plugging into a jack on your cellphone, and the voice changing electronics are integrated into its inline microphone.

And what voice changing options does this offer you might ask? Well if you’ve ever wanted to fool someone by talking like a baby, a robot, an old man or a duck, you’ve found the solution. Unfortunately I will have to keep looking since I need a voice changer that will allow me to sound like a rabbit, a surly bartender, Joe from Facts Of Life and an 1800’s prospector consarn it!

You can get it from SpyVille.com for $29.99.

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