Celebrity Weight Scale

Angry Celebrity Weight Scale (Image courtesy Angry Retail)By Andrew Liszewski

The bathroom scale can be an intimidating bit of hardware, especially when you’re not sure how much damage that weekend trip to the buffet really caused. Angry Associates though have found a way to make stepping onto that scale almost seem like fun.

Instead of using numbers on the dial, the Celebrity Weight Scale actually lists the names of famous celebs in order from the lightest to the heaviest. At the bottom of the dial comes Baby Jesus, Gizmo, Oliver Twist, Oliver Twist (After More) and so on all the way up to Hulk Hogan and finally King Kong. I suppose there’s definitely some peace of mind in remaining under both Roseanne and Mr. Ed each morning.

The Celebrity Weight Scale is available from the Angry Associates store for ?35.

[Angry Celebrity Weight Scale] VIA [Cool Hunting]

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