Celebrate, Don’t Exterminate: Life-Sized Dalek Wedding Cakes

Lifesize Dalek Cake

If you’re getting hitched and want to do it in style, then you might consider breaking from the usual themes and traditions and going for something really loud and bold instead. And if you happen to be a Whovian, then what better way to celebrate than to make some of the Doctor’s worst enemies a part of your party?

Daleks. I’m talking about life-sized Dalek cakes, like the ones a couple had Dinkeydoodle Designs make. One Dalek was the groom (cute tophat!) while the other one was the bride (it wouldn’t have been the bride without the veil.)

Lifesize Dalek Cake1

Both cakes stand at five feet tall and took the baker and her three assistants a whole week to make! Their work paid off though, because the Dalek cakes look mighty fine and were probably the stars of the Whovian-themed wedding reception (after the actual bride and groom, of course.)

VIA [ That’s Nerdalicious ]