Ceiling Track Broom Is Awesomely Useless

Blue Side Up (Images courtesy Servet Kocyigit)
By Andrew Liszewski

This automated broom is one of those occasions where someone asks you to do something tedious, and your clever solution to getting out of doing any work is so awesome that no one really cares about how crappy a job it actually does. It’s kind of like when you’re told to cut the lawn and you tether a self-powered mower to a stake with a rope. You end up with a perfect circle of cut grass, and the edges of the yard completely untouched.

Designed by Servet Kocyigit as an art piece way back in 2005, Blue Side Up as it’s oddly called is great for people who only end up with a thin strip of dirty floors throughout their home. Also, you have to be content with never being able to close the doors in the rooms where the broom sweeps, and the fact that the broom itself appears to be made out of human hair. Kind of gross.

[ Blue Side Up ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]

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