CD, DVD, Blu-Ray & HD-DVD Recovery Software

CD Recovery Toolbox (Images courtesy & Dan's Data)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the internet is full of solutions and contraptions for smoothing out a scratched disc sometimes there’s just no way to fix the damage. But instead of just tossing the disc in the trash and saying good-bye to your lost files you now have a chance to recover some of that data.

The CD Recovery Toolbox is a free piece of software that can recover damaged files from CDs, DVDs and even Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs. The tool scans the disc and provides you with a list of all the files and folders that are intact and actually available for recovery. You then select which files you’d like to save and the software will copy them to a selected folder on your drive. The program is also very easy to use thanks to a step-by-step wizard meaning you don’t have to be a data recovery expert in order to recover your files.

And like I already mentioned the CD Recovery Toolbox is 100% free and is available for download on the Recovery Toolbox website.

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