CD Diversion Safe

CD Diversion Safe (Image courtesy Latest Buy)By Andrew Liszewski

What is the best way to keep valuable items from being stolen? The brute force method of a secure safe or a clever ruse to stop would-be thieves from finding your stash in the first place?

If you prefer the second approach you might want to add this CD jewel case safe to your fake beer cans, pop cans, hollowed out books and Barbasol cans. (Oh wait, that last one is only used for transporting dinosaur embryos.) The CD diversion safe has a felt lined 10 x 10 x 5 cm secret compartment and once you slip the liner from one of your real discs into the cover no one will ever be the wiser.

The safe is available from Latest Buy for $38.96 though 6 empty jewel cases and a bottle of glue is probably a cheaper alternative.

[ CD Diversion Safe @ Latest Buy ]

2 thoughts on “CD Diversion Safe”

  1. My thoughts exactly Dan. yeah… lets put the valuables in something that most thiefs consider vaulable enough to take. Thats like hiding some jewlery in your purse. Pfft. 😀

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