Cathartic Crayola Chicken Wire Art

By David Ponce

I feel as though I might have to walk on eggs right here (pun really, really, really not intended). See, this is some… interesting artwork by some dude named David Kime. It’s made from chicken wire, yarn, melted crayons, shredded plastic buckets and aluminum cans, doll heads and other found objects. The thing about it is that not only does it look like it came from a, uh, disturbed mind… well, it might actually have.

“Art has given him a reason to live and has been a catharsis for dealing with manic depressive disorder”.

His sculptures, […] represent a kind of exorcism of the demons which have plagued his subconscious mind.

This particular piece is entitled “Pre-hysteric # 32”, and sells for $100.00.

Check out his website. Story VIA SNP.

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